Sunday, June 27, 2010

How HRS was born!!

Hello everyone!! My name is Tracy Hill, I'm the owner of
HRS Cleaning Services. I started my cleaning company in January 2007.

In the beginning my husband & I were cleaning houses part-time because we both had full-time jobs. I was a self-employed sub-contractor, and John (my husband) was a lead at his job, and was going back to school for his BA in Criminal Justice, we were working 60 - 70 hours a week between our "day" jobs & the cleaning business.

Then March 5, 2009 the company John worked for was going out of business, and he was laid off, as if that wasn't bad enough, 2 days later the company that hired me, lost half their orders (because of the economy) they no longer needed my services.

What were we going to do?? We had a mortgage to pay and 2 daughters to take care of. Thankfully, we did have a couple clients we were cleaning for. It wasn't enough to live on, but it was something to build on. I learned how to build a website, how to market our business-for free of course, since we didn't have much of an income, we handed out flyers, put flyers on mail boxes, we did purchase 3 signs, a car magnet, post cards, and business cards, which were all free, I only paid shipping. (

I wrote ads and posted them on craighslist, this is a great tool to our success. We started getting more clients, it helped that we already had references, but we knew we had to do something to make our company stand out from our competitors.

We feel we have, our clients love that fact that we are:

  1. We are a family owned and operated business, you don't have to worry about different people coming to your home, it's always the crew every time.
  2. Because we are a family owned & operated business, we take pride in our work, and give a more personal feel to our clients.
  3. No more hassles of going through multiple people for a question or concern. When you call our office, you speak to the owner.
  4. We offer more services
  5. Lower Rates!!

All our work has paid off, we have been Award by Google, "The Most Googled Maid Service in the Cincinnati~Metro area!!"

We have been truely blessed. Thank you to all our Wonderful clients!!

Our website ~

  • My oldest daughter McKenzie is starting "Kenzie Kares Recycling Project", she is collecting paper & paper products. The money she raises will go to West Side Church Of Christ, and The Lebanon Public Library. She will also be started a blog on her progress. Please check back next weekend 7/3/10 - 7/4/10 for more info.